This section contains a constantly growing list of hi-fi MP3s of original music written in the period since early 1999 up until this day, listed in the reverse chronological order. Approximately half of the songs on the recently released album "Moods for Take Out" is available for free download.

2007 A.D.

Spin Cycle for Delicates and Romantics
© 2007 / 8Mb / 6:08

Atmospheric and groovey instrumental track where Native Instruments KORE platformn was used for real time tweaking of various envelopes and filters. This is one of the few tracks completed for the up-coming album in 2008. [Completed May 2007 / Logic 7.2 Pro / Sonarium Studios / San Francisco ]

2006 A.D.

Coming Closer
© 2006 / 4.2Mb / 5:04
Album: "Moods for Take out"

This track is *different*, not house, and not mellow, it sits somewhere right in between, but I just love listening to it while driving on US101. [Completed January 2006 / Logic 6 Pro / Sonarium Studios / San Francisco ]

2005 A.D.

Seven Voices (Betrayal)
© 2005 / 5.1Mb / 5:34
Down-Tempo/Break Beat
Album: "Moods for Take Out"

Slightly melancholic, slow and moody, jazzy and groovy, this track is one of our personal favourites. same time. Let me know how you like it. [Completed April 2005 / Logic 6 Pro / Sonarium Studios / San Francisco ]

2003 A.D.

© 2003 / 9.2Mb / 6:26
Downtempo / D&B
Album: "Moods for Take Out"

Jazzy, mellow and dreamy this track slowly unfolds into a full featured and multi layered song, with an unexpected drum and bass part in the middle. Lyrics convey a story about blissful simplicity of life from the viewpoint of a somewhat intoxicated yet content existence. [Completed December 2003 / Logic 6.3 / Sonarium Studios / San Francisco ]

© 2003 / 5.5Mb / 6:07
Downtempo/Ambient D&B, 83 BPM
Album: "Moods for Take Out"

Very melancholic and sad, this track is filled with rainforest soundscape and a very live feel. It is also the first piece completely written in Logic Platinum 6.0, using Emagic's EVD2 and EVB6 instruments. The guitars are completely synthesized - which is mind boggling. [Completed March 2003 | Logic 6.0 | Sonarium Studios | San Francisco ]

2002 A.D.

Mon Chaton (Solaricous)
© 2002 / 5.8Mb
Downtempo/Lounge 93 BPM
Album: "Moods for Take Out"

This is one of Reason produced downtempo tracks, also one of the best. Composed entirely in Reason 2.0, it uses no single pre-recorded loop. [Completed November 2002 | Reason 2.0 | Sonarium Studios | San Francisco ]

© 2002 / 16Mb

This track was produced in October 2002 for the Infinite Beat Halloween party in San Francisco. It was produced entirely in Propellerheads software called Reason 2.0 on Mac OS-X and represents a shift for PolyGroovers music making. For the record, Reason rocks (oh, but not anymore, after I played with Logic...)

2001 A.D.

© 2001 / 9Mb
Album: "Inward Journeys"

Dreamy, jazzy and deep almost ambient track that reminds me of the tropical forests of Thailand, inspired by a broken heart (although the heart has since been fixed)

© 2001 / 6Mb
Album: "Inward Journeys"

Remix of the original song played on MC505 at Cloudfactory NY 2000

2000 A.D.

Synteltic Cantata
© 2000 / 11Mb
Album: "Inward Journeys"

Dramatic, yet very liquid song with warm synthesizer lines and strings, this track borrows some rhythmical structures from Hip Hop.


Real Illusion
© 1999 / 10Mb
Album: "Inward Journeys"

One of my first downtempo tracks, still one of the favourites

Surreal In A Way
© 1999 / 10Mb Album: "Inward Journeys"

Another downtempo track with vocal samples by Marissa Jesson, slap-bass and a Barry White piano line...

Be strong
© 1999 / 6.2Mb
Album: "Inward Journeys"

Be Strong, and you can deal with anything. Another broken heart art...

© 1999 / 7.1Mb
Album: "Inward Journeys"

Water is on your windscreen, this nasty foggy rainy morning. Something rising, you can't tell what.

Prelude To a Sunrise
© 1999 / 7.9Mb

Very happy and loving house track, one of my early favorites


PolyGroovers is an electronica / down-tempo duo, consisting of Konstantin Gredeskoul and Telene Johnston, a couple living and working in San Francisco. Both DJs with over five years of performing experience locally and internationally, Konstantin and Telene have been collaborating since 2001. Konstantin is the creative force behind the composition, arrangement and production of all songs, while Telene contributes vocals and a critical ear for what works and what doesn't. Starting 2006 PolyGroovers are collaborating with Maria Tumarkin - a published writer and a great friend. Maria is helping write lyrics for the third downtempo album, tentatively titled "Tips and Tricks".

PolyGroovers have been featured on SomaFM's Groove Saland since 2001 (although formerly known as PolyVinyl), performed live on KDVS (Davis) and KZSU (Stanford) radio stations, and have released two full albums of smooth down-tempo, lounge and organic grooves, with occasional vocal, instrumental and jazz elements.


Konstantin of PolyGroovers additionally produces progressive and house as a solo project leftctrl. In addition Konstantin is involved with the house duo Soulaire (with DJ Kem).

Telene has past affiliations with Frequency 8 and Skills.


Konstantin was born in the Soviet Ukraine, where he spent his first eighteen years before moving to Australia. In 1997, Konstantin came to San Francisco where he met Telene - California native and a DJ with a solid name in the Bay Area progressive house and trance scene.

Passionate about music, the pair is continuously fascinated with the possibilities offered by modern software synthesis and composition tools. The duo's work is all about striving to create warmth, fluidity, and a smooth sound with their music, submerging their listeners into the deep atmosphere of hypnotic beats and jazzy harmonies.


The following people influenced, contributed, supported or in any other way had an effect on our musical direction, in no particular order: The Orb, The Art of Noise, Thievery Corporation, Tosca, Delirium, Zero 7, Air, Baby Mammoth, Blue Six, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tori Amos, Olive, Frou Frou (and many, many more), Shura B2 (from the #1 hit selling Russian group B-2), Joseph Lee, Ethan Miller, Jeff Taylor, Kym Maxham, Cary Creel, Darin Marshall, Jon (Captain Tinrib) Bell, Filip Jach, Phil Lockwood, Eugene Miloslavsky, Tony Rose, Matt Donner, David Earl, Greg Gordon, Mike Robbins, Eric Newman, David Barthlemess, Velda Newman and Mad Rod of "Club Filter" in Melbourne.


PolyGroovers sometimes djs (own music and other's). Full length MP3 downloads of selected sets are available for free on this page.


Live @ OODE X
© 05/2006
1h:10m | 108Mb

This progressive and house set was played at OODE-X camp-out in Oregon, on May 26th 2006. Three house tracks at the end are produced by Soulaire (joint project with Filip Jach - DJ Kem) and track No.2 produced with Captain Tinrib in London, UK. The rest © 2002-2006 PolyGroovers, produced in Sonarium Studios, SF.


Live and Venture Frogs
© 04/2000
1h:06m | 110Mb

Very relaxing and mellow this downtempo set was played live at Venture Frogs in San Francisco. Tracks from The Orb, Gotan Project, dZihan and Kamien, Banco de Gaia, etc.


© 01/2003
1h:12m | 105Mb

This is the most beautiful, soulful and deep set I have online. It unites music from Spain, Brazil and San Francisco's own Naked Music into a flowing glowing summer night on the beach mix. Funk yourself up, lit your spliff and hit that link with your mouse baby.


© 08/2003
1h:10m | 77Mb

This is a great set that spans over several genres: starting off with almost reggae/dub intro it moves onto house, then harder progressive and tribal sound, only to later bounce between house and progressive a few more times. Highly suitable for dancing and great for long car rides...


© 08/2002
1h:17m | 124Mb

"Polynomial Recursions" - is one of the most danceable sets I've ever played. While it spans over several genres, such as house, minimal techno and even progressive house, it is all united by tribal feel and rhythmical structures that "chug along"... It feels like riding a horse in the flat fields among bare hills and extinct volcanos. It is heavily influenced by the natural beauty of New Mexico.


© 01/22/2002
1h:15m | 103Mb

"Deependency: Space Invariant Tech House" - is an intelligent, slow pacing and mostly mellow tech house. Greate for philosophizing and questioning life and surrounding objects.

© 08/2000
1h:13m | 62Mb

"Pre Dawn" is a mellow and dreamy tech-house mix, just like most people are at the pre-dawn after a party.


Sep, 2007

Wow, can't believe this summer is ovah! A lot happened in the last few months - we performed live at Shimmer/3Degrees campout in Willits, LeftCtrl played at FnF 2007 campout, and we just finished two new songs for the upcoming album "Ticks and Trips". Sorry, won't be uploading songs until the album is ready, but we are going to aim for mid 2008 release. Stay tuned!

Feb, 2007

PolyGroovers is now downtempo-only! We split off the house / progressive project into it's own thing: LeftCtrl is the new name of Konstantin's solo project, focusing on dancefloor friendly tracks. Watch out for more stuff to come out of there soon!

Oct, 2006

Another progressive track written for FnF/UrbanWasteland Halloween party in San Francisco. The track is called "Anything You Want" and it had a great reception at the party. Check out in the tracks section. We may be splitting out progressive house into a separate projects.. PolyGroovers are mostly known for downtempo, so it kind of makes sense. Any name suggestions are welcome!

Sep, 2006

Three new progressive tracks posted - "Hypnotunnel", "Operator" and "Copious Amounts". Check them out in the tracks section!

May, 2006

May 2nd, 2006, San Francisco, CA: The 2nd downtempo album by PolyGroovers aptly named "Moods For Take Out" is out now!

GRAB YOUR COPY for only $7.00 .

The album contains completely re-mastered best down-tempo and lounge/jazz songs over the last four years. We can't tell you how excited we are about it...

Buy it right here and now, and save $2 compared to CDBaby or iTunes.

April, 2006

While the new album is in print, we've established a new collaboration with a good friend and a fantastic writer Maria Tumarkin" - the author of the book "Traumascapes". Maria agreed to write lyrics for our next album, and the work is already under way.

Also... Sometime in April I saw personal heroes, The Orb again in San Francisco. They looked and sounded great, as usual, great for inspiration.

October, 2005

We are in the process of getting the full-length downtempo CD published via CD-BABY. The CD has been already mastered, and we are working on the cover art. This is super exciting, as it is our second CD release in the last 5 years and it contains plenty of new material.

Also just uploaded a new track - "Coming Closer" in the tracks section. Check it out - its groovin'! ;)

January, 2005

Ugh, the last six months were totally mad! I moved, started a company with friends, and proposed to my girl. Like that was not enough, also wrote a song - "Get Naked" (download in TRACKS section). Struggling to find time to write more stuff...

July, 2004

Name change: we are now called "PolyGroovers" and my beloved girlfriend Telene has joined the band officially. Several more tracks are coming in. Most notably - "Evil Eye" which is already available for download, "Rub Dub" - another track from collaboration with Kem is coming along.

End of July - I played a live set for Friends and Family campout! It went great - buy a CD by clicking on "Stuff" at the bottom...

December 30th, 2003

Two more songs for the collection: both with lyrics and vocals - "Homeless Love" and "Simblissity". Check 'em out and Happy New Years!

October 24th, 2003

"Chug Dub" and "Dark Dance of Bastet" - the two most recent tracks - are now availble on the web site, as well as "It's A Dream" has finally got its link fixed. Please shoot at me your impressions. I am now working on a new song "Homeless Love" with strong lyrics by my great friend Maria Tumarkin.

September 26th, 2003

After a long summer break I am working on two songs at the same time. One is a collaboration with Kem (aka Filip) and the other one is a solo project. Both songs are dance tracks, between house and progressive. More news soon!

May 28, 2003

"Black And White" - the first full length vocal song is now finished and available for download in the Tracks section. Vocals by my beloved Telene and myself. The goal is to have a downtempo/lounge CD release by the end of the year. Wanna get a copy now? Click on "STUFF".

April 25th, 2003

The first track completely written in Logic is finished - check it out in the download section - "Desoulate". Damn, what a difference in sound quality Logic makes. I hereby declare to be completely converted into the world of Logic. Rejoice Emagic and make your buck!

April 11th, 2003

My Logic Audio class is now finished - I am amazed at what Logic can do, and am now rapidly switching. I have already remixed two of my Reason songs ("Linoliumo" and "Baddonga Oi") in Logic and the sound quality is substantially higher. So far I am on track for remixing the other two Reason songs by the end of this month and then continuing on to new tracks. As a proud owner of Logic Platinum 6, I must take advantage of the investment - I did pay lots of money for it :)

March 11, 2003

Let's see... Lately I've been seen busy running around like crazy hanging lights and playing at Elastiq - every Wednesday @ Il Piarata. Also, my "dive" into Reason 2.0 continues, with two new tracks coming out just in February - March 2003.

On a licensing side, I've been contacted by a several people about a possibility to license my music. Nothing is certain yet, and so I am still looking for a more serious deal... There is almost enough downtempo tracks for a full downtempo CD, combining best of "Inward Journeys" and the most recent developments in Reason 2.0. However, to make latest tracks release quality, they need to be remixed in Logic Audio, which will happen in the next few months, as I am taking a course in the forementioned software.

But meanwhile, it's really nice to get some good feedback from listeners of Soma FM, which currently features three of my tracks: "Real Illusion", "Without" and "Surreal In A Way". Here is what some people say:

"...I usually listen to somafm.com's "Groove Salad" and heard your tune "Without". I began searching for more info about "PolyGroovers " and found your site pretty quick. I must say it's been quite a while since I heard a tune like "Without". I don't have the vocabulary to describe it. But it's a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!! Greetings from Sweden!" - And thank YOU for writing such warm words about my music! Some day, I hope to make it to Sweden :)


Dec 14th, 2002
San Francisco

Altruity will host "Gift," a special holiday benefit to raise money for the TNDC, and will be featuring local and international visual artists, fashion designers, DJs, live music, chefs, etc... Zeel/PolyGroovers will be playing a lounge downtempo set, including own tracks.

Nov 2nd, 2002
San Francisco

PolyGroovers played old and new original stuff in the downtempo room at the best morning time: 5:30am...

Oct 30th, 2002

Halloween night at ElastiQ featured Zeel close up with some tasty beats...

Oct 20th, 2002
San Francisco

Zeel was flexing his downtempo and lounge muscle at this super duper Sunday hangout location, on Hayes street next to BPM records.



April 15th 2009, San Francisco, CA: PolyGroovers 3rd Album "Trips and Ticks" should be available shortly on cdbaby.

May 2nd, 2006, San Francisco, CA: PolyGroovers 2nd Album "Moods for Take Out" is now available for immediate ordering online, for only $7.99. GET YOUR COPY NOW while the stocks last.


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